• Sara Vevang

Come out of hiding.

False humility is a is a tricky creature.

At first it seems kind, confident in such a mysterious way, and oh so humble.

If we aren't careful we can get stuck in this place of false humility and not become who God made us to be. He made us all wonderful. He made us to shine for Him; to be the salt of the earth. As believers in a King who has defeated death and sin on the cross we aren't made to live in bondage of insecurities or pride.


We can walk in boldness and love while being kind at the same time. However this is something that cannot be done in our own strength. It is supernatural. God is Spirit, He tells us to walk in spirit and in truth. So how do we do this? If we look at the life of Jesus we see He was offensive in a lot of ways. He healed when He was not supposed to be working, He stayed around people who were deemed unclean or demon possessed and He freed them with identity and boldness.

When I was shopping for a photo shoot for the book I published in February false humility really raised its ugly head in my life. I was praying things like Oh Lord, I'm fine with just journaling with you I don't want to stand out. It was easy to start to shrink and think I was becoming prideful or arrogant by proclaiming this freedom I had acquired. To think I do not want to make this about me God.

Holy Spirit spoke to me in this and revealed that I was allowing the enemy to trick me and give me all kinds of excuses. He told me you know who you are I've told you. I formed you in your mother's womb, I know you, I've called you by name. Ask of me the Nations and I will give them to you for my names sake. He crushed my box I was putting Him in and also the box I had built for myself. I wrote this poem that day in my prayer time...

Get Out Of Your Box

I like my delusional safe place

staying small gives me a false sense of humility

poking my head out makes me terrified

in here I can hide and believe I don’t know my worth

I get angry when people find out I am like You

truly that is all I have ever wanted to be

I just did not understand how to walk it out

now you say walk out

and I’m shrinking

overthinking every turn and word

It’s not about me anymore

crush my box and give me what you have in store

I’m climbing out terrified

in the shelter of your wings is the only place

I will choose to hide

I surrender to Your will

Not to mine

What are you holding back today? Ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you how amazing you are. We should be boasting in the goodness of our Father and walking in a boldness the world doesn't understand. Jesus is willing to heal you. He wants to burn all things that torment you with His unquenchable fire. He has a beautiful jealousy for His children and desires freedom for all. He died so we could be free. Won't you let Him love you today? Don't run from His love. He is a safe daddy. He loves you and wants you to shine!

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