• Sara Vevang

Processing pain in a healthy way

Pain sucks.

I now understand how to process pain in such a way that forgiveness manifests, but it doesn’t make the process any less difficult. The woman at the well in John chapter 4 had years of pain. In fact, she was drowning in a pool of desires that couldn’t be fulfilled or healed through earthly acceptance. This reality was constantly confirmed with every rejection she faced.

With a need to be loved, accepted, and cherished, she continued drinking in dirty water. There is no earthly love that can ever compare to Jesus. In our own pain we hurt ourselves and others. Typically, we are not wanting to hurt people, but pain projects in the most subtle and devastating ways, like codependency, smothering or nagging, yelling at our kids or the person in the drive thru--sometimes even giving the cold shoulder or wallowing in addictions. It seems to blindside us. When pain or hurt is not brought into the Light, it comes out and spills on those that are around us. I believe Jesus gently shed light on her sin to show her the pain she was in and to give her his Holy remedy of Freedom.

When we sit with Jesus and let him extract our sin from our hearts, we see our need for forgiveness. Only then, do we learn to forgive ourselves the way He does. This is the place where the pain of sin can’t hold on anymore, and we trade in our deep wells of pain for Living Water. When we drink of His love and forgiveness we walk through an open door into worshipping Him in spirit and in truth. It is the worship of who He is which allows us to see ourselves the way Jesus does.

From this place, we are drawing from the best well. We become living testimonies of His goodness and His never ending mercy. This woman was amazed that the man who knew everything she had ever done was inviting her to drink of the love, joy, and freedom that comes only from Him.

I’m overwhelmed by His love and I will forever open my heart and process with my worthy King.

I encourage you to sit with Holy Spirit and give Him permission to search your heart and heal the places of wounds others have caused you-- or maybe wounds you caused yourself from past choices you made. Jesus already knows. He is just waiting for you to receive His love. Let me be the one to say it: His love never disappoints.

In His Presence,

Sara Vevang

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